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Majors Ranch is a geographically large rural residential real estate development located in central Huerfano County, Colorado. Its center is roughly described as the intersections of CR 520 and CR 521.
Characteristics include:
• An irregular 36 (thirty-six) square mile shape spanning 14.5 miles West to East, 6.5 miles North to South
• Consisting of approximately 23,000 acres and 24 miles of private roads
• Including 189 parcels of land yielding an average of 122 acres per parcel  with 66 homes as of October 2018
• Is a Firewise Community where the Firewise Committee is a sub-committee of the Majors Ranch Property Owners Association Board
• As of October 2018, 48% of the 66 homes have a fire defensible perimeter
• 5 homes were lost in the Spring Fire of June / July 2018
Realty Resources
Suppose you are looking at purchasing property in Majors Ranch, or you are a realtor doing research for a buyer. In that case, the links below will give you important information that you will want before committing to a purchase if you have further questions or require additional information you can submit a message to our president on our contact page.
Majors Ranch POA - Declarations & Covenants
Majors Ranch POA - Bylaws
Majors Ranch POA - Articles of Incorporation
Majors Ranch - Map
Board Meeting minutes and Association financials are available by request. Please submit a message to accounting on our contact page to request these documents. Please include the Phase and Lot number of the property you are selling, as well as the names and contact information of the seller and buyer.