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"A Covenant-Controlled Community"
The entrance to Majors Ranch is on County Road 520 about five miles north of Hwy 160, about 8 miles from the historic western town of La Veta. Another entrance is on County Road 521, approximately 11 miles northwest of Walsenburg. , from the north, Majors Ranch can be accessed off of Hwy 69, on County Road 524, or County Road 520.
Majors Ranch has numerous large acreage parcels with a terrain slightly more arid than the Cuchara Valley. Originally the land was an over 22,000 acre working cattle ranch which was split in the 1990's into 172 parcels of 40 acres to over 300 acres each. Parcel boundaries were established by using ridgelines and natural features of the land instead of the traditional rectangles, giving Majors Ranch an intriguing setting and ensuring each parcel has its own unique personality.
All of the MR subdivision is zoned agricultural.  
Some of the properties are taxed at the residential rate when there is a residence, rather than as vacant land or agricultural land.
There is no requirement that any lot become residential.
The Majors Ranch Property Owners Association, Inc. represents the interests of the property owners. Annual dues provide funds to attend to community needs and maintain roads. 
Characteristics include:
• An irregular 36 (thirty-six) square mile shape spanning 14.5 miles West to East, 6.5 miles North to South
• Consisting of approximately 22,000 acres and 24 miles of private roads
• Including 189 parcels of land yielding an average of 122 acres per parcel  with 66 homes as of October 2018
• Is a Firewise Community where the Firewise Committee is a sub-committee of the Majors Ranch Property Owners Association Board
• As of October 2018, 48% of the 66 homes have a fire defensible perimeter
• 5 homes were lost in the Spring Fire of June / July 2018
Looking for a map of Majors Ranch? This link will take you to a new map of Majors Ranch that is up to date as of July 2022. 
There is a map without a background. You can find this map here.
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